I was born in 1995, in Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve grown in a very musical environment, having my parents listen to all types of different genres. Around the age 10 my uncle introduced me to the world of Hip-Hop and what its culture meant. Thus started my great interest in the whole movement.

Started with Rap and freestyling in the bedroom to other producers’ work and moving on to Graffiti influenced artwork, eventually moving on from the pen and paper to Photoshop.

As I grew older and my taste in Hip-Hop grew deeper, I decided (multiple times) to start producing my own beats to rap on. However, it was only in late 2012 that I finally was able to create my very first (successful) hip-hop beat. That’s where it really began.

I started focusing more on producing beats and understanding all I could about it. Rap became a thing of the past for me and beats became my main interest. From 2012 to 2015, I took my time learning the ropes of producing, whilst dealing with my personal life. But at the end of 2015 I finally started to release my music to the public under the alias “Suspicious Techniques”.

Ever since I went online as a music producer, I tried to get my music to as many people as possible. Of course any producer (especially beat makers) want their music to be placed and/or sang over by artists. I make music because I love it, first and foremost. All else that comes is just extra motivation to keep myself going.

I’ve been known as Suspicious Techniques, but as of 2017, I decided to get a fresh more focused brand and thus came the name ThePlanBeats aka PLNB. With 2017, I also decided to start accepting design requests as an extra way to network with different people and have more income while building up my beatmaking brand.

Since started, I released 2 beat tapes – Music, Simply and Summer Lounge with Dar’rell Banks – and 5 soundpacks. I also started my own beatmaking series called FLIP IT!, which focuses on sampling.








Computer Crashes

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