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Wether you didn’t find anything you liked in the Music Store, or you simply want something specially taylored for your project, this is the place to be. You’ll find any information you need before making your first request right on this page. Once you’re cleared on everything you may then proceed to the Contact Form and fill it with all the information regarding the instrumental(s) and wait for a reply.

Fill in the Contact Form below and add the details to what you need: genre; inspiration; vibe; types of sounds; etc. You can even send examples to better illustrate what you want and samples if you want any particular ones used in the beat(s).

Making a custom beat requires time and the understanding of your own vision. It’ll also be an exclusive instrumental. Therefore, the price will range around $350. However, make sure you include your budget range in the request and a different price might be agreed upon, especially if you request more than 1 instrumental. You will be asked for a deposit of half the price decided, in order to start the process and dismiss any non serious requests.

A custom made instrumental is created for your own project and your own taste. Many people request a custom beat simply to make sure they’re getting something new, original and untouched (by any other artist). That’s why when you request [and purchase] a custom beat, you’ll receive an Exclusive Rights License with it, meaning the instrumental will from there on be solely yours and not available for sale. You can find more details on this over at Licensing.

Time will vary depending on my availability and yours. Once you put in your request, you will receive a reply from me shortly after, with details on my workflow and availability during that specific time frame. Your own availability is a factor considering I’ll have to send you demos and progress of the beat in order to know if I’m going in the right path and get you exactly what you want.

Once everything is set and done (including full payment), you will receive an email with a download link, containing the License agreement and the track files. These files include all separate stems of the instrumental and an unmastered WAV and Mp3 files. Assumingly, you’ll be requesting an instrumental in order to sing over it and master it all together, therefore, the instrumental will only be sent unmastered unless asked otherwise.

The only payment form available at the moment is PayPal. I am currently finding different ways to accept payments, but that is the only alternative for now.

Unfortunately, no. Instrumentals are digital goods and once delivered they may not be returned. For this reason, payment cannot be refunded either. The half deposit isn’t refundable either. Special cases may rise, but a deposit is made to ensure you won’t disappear once the instrumental is completed nor that my work and focus on an instrumental requested solely for you.

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