Here you’ll find more detailed information about licensing / leasing an instrumental from the Music Store or by requesting a Custom Instrumental. Run through the FAQ before purchasing a beat.

Prices vary depending on the Lease you purchase. The Standard Lease is the most basic and cheapest Lease available, but therefore gives you bigger limitations as to how many copies you may sell for example, as well as only an untagged MP3 file included. The Premium and Trackouts Leases give you less limitations plus more and better quality files (wav and stems) and for those reasons, they are more expensive.

If you decide to purchase the Exclusive Rights of the instrumental(s) you will receive all the files in High Quality and untagged (same as Trackouts Lease), as well as unlimited usage of said instrumental(s). It’ll belong solely to you from there on out, and not be available for purchase any further. However, previous lease purchases will still be active until they reach their own limitations. I also detain the right to use said instrumental(s) for promotional purposes. Pricing is based on clients’ offers, so there isn’t a default price for Exclusive Rights.

The more beats you add to your cart, the more beats you’ll get for free basically. Let’s say you add 1 beat to your cart, the second one you add will be FREE. Click on the “DEALS” button in the Music Store to check out all the Bundle Deals available for each Lease.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link, containing the License agreement and the track files. These files include different packs of files, depending on the lease you purchased. MP3 and WAV files will both come in high quality versions, untagged and mastered. Stems will come unmastered. For more information on what each Lease brings, visit the Licensing area.

The direct Music Store will take payments in both PayPal and Stripe. No other methods are available for now.

Unfortunately, no. Instrumentals are digital goods and once delivered they may not be returned. For this reason, payment cannot be refunded either.

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