How do I place an order?

Simply add the beat(s) you want to purchase to your cart and then proceed to the checkout as soon as you’re done browsing through the store. Once you hit the ‘Checkout’ button, you will then be prompt to fill in the payment information. Soon as you confirm the payment, you’ll then receive your files in your email.

How long will it take to get my beats?

Everything in this website is a “digital good”. Therefore, once you’ve confirmed your purchase, you’ll receive your files in the email you specified, immediately. Make sure to check your spam folder if you do not find an email with the items, and in case it does not show up for some reason get in contact with us.

How can I return a product?

We’re dealing with “digital goods” on this website. So once you have confirmed your payment, the files will be automatically sent to your email, which will make it impossible for you to return said items and consequently, ask for a refund. However, if you have any questions about a product, contact us directly before making a purchase.


What’s the difference between a lease and exclusive rights?

A lease is a limited version of a beat. If you buy a lease, the amount of copies you can sell with your finished song, the streams, and even files you get are limited. If you purchase the Standard Lease, for example, you’ll only be able to sell up to 1,500 copies of your finished song; you’ll also only get the mp3 mastered version of the beat; and being a lease, the beat may still be sold to other people. With Exclusive Rights, this won’t happen: you’ll get all the files to the beat (including stems); there will be no limitations; and the beat will not be sold to anyone else, from there on out.

Must I give credit to the producer(s)?

Regardless of the license you purchase, you’ll always have to give credit to the producer – or producers when the instrumental(s) in question are a collaboration between ThePlanBeats and another producer. This credit must be given in written form – “Prod. by ThePlanBeats” – or, when not possible, in verbal form. This same rule applies to free (non-profit) instrumentals and custom beats.

What files do I get?

Each lease will provide you with different files, considering each one has different limitations. A Standard Lease will provide you with the mastered MP3 of a beat; a Premium Lease will provide the WAV format; and the Trackout Lease, as the name suggests, will provide all the files, including the trackouts. The Exclusive Rights to a beat will also include all the files to a beat. With each purchase, you’ll receive a PDF file with the Contract that legally allows you to use the instrumental(s) commercially.

Free Beats

Free beats are mastered MP3 versions of a beat. These will most of the times include a voice tag at the beginning of the track. Although they are free, they are not to be used for any profitable purposes (paid live shows, albums /singles that will be sold, etc.). However, you may record a song to a free beat, and post it on YouTube or your social media, as long as credit is given to the producer(s).


What are memberships?

A membership is a monthly subscription to a package deal. There are 3 different types of memberships available, one for each lease type. Each subscription will get you 5 free monthly downloads to whichever beats you wish (for the lease you chose) for a much lower price than all of them purchased normally, via beat store.

Why should I subscribe to a membership?

A membership is designed to accompany the consistent artist. If you’re someone who’s always creating music and needs instrumentals to follow up your workflow, for a lower price, than a membership could be the best way. You’ll get more beats, every month, for less than half the price you’d pay if purchasing them individually.

How can I join a membership?

If you wish to join one of the 3 monthly memberships, all you have to do is click here and fill in the form! Please make sure you have one of the available payment methods (PayPal or Stripe), for the monthly payments.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Like any other membership, you are free to cancel at any time given. Once said membership is cancelled, the monthly debits will stop. If you wish to upgrade / downgrade a membership you’re already on, make sure you cancel the original one first, as one will not cancel the other.


What forms of payment do you accept?

At the moment, the only available payment methods are PayPal and Stripe. Hopefully this will change in the near future, but it is the only way for now.

Is it safe to make online purchases?

All payments are made via PayPal and /or Stripe, on a Beatstars store, so it’s as safe as any other online purchase you make using said payment methods. Make sure you read the Privacy Policy for further information.