Natural from Portugal, ThePlanBeats was born in 1995. Growing up in a very musical environment, Plan was always listening to a big diversity of genres, but was finally introduced to Hip-Hop at around the age of 10. This led – as to a lot of other people -, to take interest in writing rhymes and eventually making his own beats, as of 2012. Before known as ‘Suspicious Techniques’, Plan retains a lot of old school Hip-Hop inspiration in his own music, Plan works on a variety of sounds always retaining some of that old school feel in his work.

He has produced two beat tapes – Summer Lounge (with Dar’rell Banks), and Beyond the Pads -,  as well as produced 2 of the episodes for OHME SESSIONS – a Rap initiative led by portuguese rapper Puro L -, among other music work.


Listen to all of ThePlanBeats’ major releases, both solo and collaborative projects.

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ThePlanBeats brings you DRUMS & VIBES, a free sound pack filled with some crazy drum loops and melodies to back you up! Taking a big approach into the Jazz-Hop and Lo-fi subgenres, this kit is sure to fit any vibes you take it to. Bring the perfect drum loop to make your existing melodies bounce, or fill up your track with some of the samples included!

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