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The Dopest Vibes For Accessible Prices

We want to make sure you can make the most of our catalog, so we have various different offers for all our leases, and negotiable Exclusives!

Add 3 beats with the same lease to activate the bundle deal! You can also add 7 to activate B2G5.

If you still haven’t found the right type beats, or are looking for more options, feel free to visit our own stores.


Our Prices

Each lease will provide you different ceilings and files.

Standard Lease

Commercial Use

High Quality MP3 & WAV

Sell Up to 5,000 Copies

Distribute Your Release

Must Credit Producers

Trackout Lease

Commercial Use

MP3, WAV & Trackouts

Sell Up to 10,000 Copies

Distribute Your Release

Must Credit Producers

Unlimited Lease

Commercial Use

MP3, WAV & Trackouts

Sell Unlimited Copies

Distribute Your Release

Must Credit Producers

exclusive rights

What Exactly Are Your Prices & Terms?

Exclusive Rights allow the buyer to block any future sales on that beat, and get sole use of it without any limitations regarding streams or sales. However, make sure you check our FAQ below to understand this option better.

Need answers?

Look Through Our FAQ

Depending on the option you pick, you will either get the MP3 and WAV mastered files of a beat, or you can also get the trackouts for the session, which is perfect to get a more detailed mix on your release.

Also, each lease option will give you different limitations on your next release. Lower Leases will have a limited ceiling on the amount of streams and sales you can get, whereas an Unlimited Lease has no ceiling whatsoever. You may at any point upgrade your lease if you reach a limit.

Although Unlimited Leases do allow you to sell and distribute your release without any limitations, we are still legally allowed to sell the beat on our stores.

A lease usually has certain limitations, regarding stream counts, copies sold, live shows, etc. Furthermore, leasing a beat will still allow us to keep selling it on our stores, whereas once a beat's exclusive rights are purchased, we can no longer sell it to other buyers.

Note that leases purchased before the Exclusive Rights were sold, are still valid for those buyers, although they won't have the option to upgrade.

All of our beats are available for negotiation. This means that we can work with your budget, as well as bundle beats together if you're getting more than one, and get a price that's both accessible for you, and fair for us. Do keep in mind that Exclusive Rights prevent us from selling the beat ever again, so the prices can go from $300 upwards.

Nonetheless, feel free to contact us for more information on the subject or specific beats' prices.

We do make all of our beats available for free download. This option will include the tagged MP3, but will not allow you to commercially use your final track. This means you can record, and release it on free platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but not distribute through DSPs.

Credit to producer must still be provided in written form.

Depending on what your expected reach is for the project you plan on releasing, you might need higher ceilings for streams and sales. Another factor to keep in mind is whether you need the trackouts, or just the master WAV file.

If lease a beat but reach your ceiling, or realize you need an upgrade, you can still contact us for a price adjustment.

Once you purchase any lease or Exclusive Rights, you are free to use our beats for commercial purposes. But do keep in mind that contractually you must provide 50% of the mechanical rights to the producers. For further information, contact us.

We currently have a Buy 1 Get 2 Free! and a Buy 2 Get 5 Free! deals. By adding beats with the same lease (3 in the first case, 7 in the second), you'll activate the bundle deal. If you add beats with different lease options, the deal will not activate.

At the moment our beats are sold through a third-party (BeatStars), which only takes PayPal. However, it does accept bank payments. We're looking into options to further expand our payment methods in the future.

Our products are considered digital goods, meaning you cannot return them to us. With that in mind, refunds of any and all beats are not possible. In addition, if you decide to cancel the transaction on PayPal, after receiving the files, the license contract you received becomes null.

During the checkout process, you are asked to input an email address for your files to be sent to. We advise you to make sure you check your spam box as well, and if none can be found, try to look into your billing address (if it differs). We are using a third-party platform to sell our beats, so there might be a small delay at times. If your files don't arrive in 24 to 48 hours, please feel free to contact us.

If you lease or buy the Exclusive Rights to a beat, you can distribute it through any and all DSPs.

You still need to provide us the 50% mechanical rights, as well as include the producers in the credits.

As this is an option that'll automatically flag any tracks using the beat purchased / downloaded, this option is only available for those who purchase the Exclusive Rights.

If you only purchased a lease, or got a free download, you may not register your final song with Content ID. Any cases of the sort, will be reported to DSPs by ourselves, leading to your track's removal and, in some cases the artist's page deleted.

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